When I read this article I immediately went to the website.  I remember signing up there many years ago.  But the teachers there were selling their lessons plans at something like 1.00 a piece.  At that time I didn't want to sell my lessons plans considering there is always a need to use them.  I looked around the website for a while.  I didn't see anything different.  I wondered how this teacher could make 700,000 dollars.  Then I went to her page.  I noticed she has several books on the site.  Each book is listed for ten dollars.  It's  genius on her part.  Turn them into a book, then she can still use them. She can sell the whole book of lesson plans for 10.00 and make money from them.  A book like that would sell for about 30.00 in book stores. The books are also marketed on a website in which there is a large gourp of niche buyers. I looked all over the website for this" purchase orders" section.  Yet I coun't find it.  Hopefully it will catch on and teachers can make even more money!