These tips reveal how you will save money and live debt-free this year! Please discuss how coupons help you save money.  This article details ways to save money.  Please take notice if you want to live a debt free year.  There are four ways that I use coupons to help me save money, as outlined below!

1.       Double Couponing

Double couponing can be very time consuming, but it’s also saves the most money.  The more work, the bigger the reward.  Consumers usually look for values in the paper or look for printable coupons based on the item they want to buy.  Then they wait until it is on sale at the store and go to the store to guy the item.  It works well when you know what types of brands you like and you just clip them out and save them until there is a sale.

2.       Free Grocery Store Sites

These sites offer printable coupon that you can bring up on you r computer and print out.   The coupon bug queries its site based on your zip code. It also categorizes the coupon tabs at the top of the page according to, local coupons, card savings, and codes that provide savings such as Wal-Mart and even Barnes and Noble.

3.       Eating Out Couponing Books

The Entertainment Coupon

This is probably the most common type of couponing.  When I want to eat out I quite naturally look for these types of coupons because dining out can be expensive.  It’s almost a treat for consumers with a big family, because of course; the number of people eating out translates to the money you spend. The Book. 

4.       Newspapers

Newspapers are good places to find coupons.  I used to subscribe to the town newspaper for the classifieds and coupons.  The coveted Sunday paper is full of coupons to use at grocery stores.  Krispy Kreme for example, frequently displays coupons.  These coupons are to persuade you to buy a dozen of doughnuts so you can get a doze.  This is still a pretty big saving if you have a huge family, or you need food for an event.

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